How to Link IPPB With POSB (Post Office Savings Bank)?

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How to Link IPPB With POSB (Post Office Savings Account)?
How to Link IPPB With POSB (Post Office Savings Account)?

Here are the Pre-requisites to Link IPPB With POSB:

To Link (India Post Payments Bank Account ) IPPB With POSB (Post Office Savings Bank) account online, you cannot do it yourself from home. You need to visit the branch with the following documents:

  1. Original IPPB QR Card
  2. Original POSB Passbook
  3. Proof of Identity (POI)


Here is the process for linking your Post Office Savings Bank (POSB) and India Post Payments Bank (IPPB) accounts:

  1. Make sure you have an active individual POSB account.
  2. You can link IPPB With POSB when opening your IPPB account or after opening it through doorstep service or at an IPPB Access Point.
  3. When linking your POSB account, provide your POSB passbook to the GDS/Postman (for doorstep service) or counter staff (at the Access Point).
  4. After successful linkage, you will receive an SMS notification on your registered mobile number.


Benefits of linking your POSB and IPPB accounts:

  1. Automatic transfer of funds from IPPB to POSB when the balance exceeds Rs. 2 lakhs.
  2. If the day-end balance exceeds the limit, the excess funds will be transferred to your POSB (Post Office Account) account instead of rejecting the transaction.
  3. There is no maximum balance limit, so you can transfer the entire balance from your IPPB account to your POSB account.
  4. You can manage your funds through the IPPB mobile banking app with the Sweep-in and Sweep-out facility.
  5. You can withdraw or deposit cash via your IPPB savings account into your POSB accounts.

Sweep-in and Sweep-out Facility:

  • The Sweep-in and Sweep-out facility allows you to manage funds conveniently.
  • Any amount above Rs. 2 lakhs in your IPPB account will be swept out into your linked POSB account.
  • There are no limits on the minimum amount to be withdrawn, and there are no extra charges for using the Sweep-in or Sweep-out facility.
  • You can avail of the Sweep-in and Sweep-out service through assisted channels like Doorstep Service and Access Point, as well as through the IPPB Mobile App.
  • The Sweep-in service is available from the beginning of the day to 11.00 PM, subject to the availability of funds, and the Sweep-out service is available 24/7.

You can visit IPPB Website for up-to-date information on How to Link IPPB With POSB

Estimate Cost : INR

Time Needed : 0 days 0 hours 15 minutes

As a customer, you can’t link IPPB with POSB yourself from home. You need to visit the branch with the proper documents to link IPPB with POSB. However, we will be discussing a step-by-step process on How to Link IPPB With POSB Online for Postal Staff like GDS/Postman. If you are an IPPB Agent or Postal Staff you can follow these steps to link IPPB With POSB.

  1. Open IPPB Micro ATM Application

    How to Link IPPB With POSBOpen IPPB Micro ATM App and sign in using Agent Login ID & Password.

  2. Now Click On Service Request

    How to Link IPPB With POSB (Post Office Savings Account)?After clicking on the service request option, enter the required details such as Customer’s Mobile Number/Account Number/Aadhaar Number

  3. Proceed using the Customer’s Mobile /Aadhaar /Account Number

    How to Link IPPB With POSB (Post Office Savings Account)?Select any of these options and fill details accordingly. Enter the Customer’s Mobile Number or Account Numer or Aadhaar Number for further steps.

  4. Authenticate Using Otp or Bio-metric

    How to Link IPPB With POSB (Post Office Savings Account)?Then Bio-metric or OTP verification is required for the following steps to Link IPPB With POSB.

  5. After Authentication Press Account Services Option

    How to Link IPPB With POSB (Post Office Savings Account)?After that, you have to select the account services option. Under account services select the manage POSB account option.

  6. Click On the Manage POSB Account Option

    How to Link IPPB With POSB (Post Office Savings Account)?Then enter the POSB Account number twice. Now accept those instructions carefully and submit the OTP again to Link IPPB With the POSB account.

  • IPPB Micro ATM Application
  • IPPB Agent Account

FAQS: Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions regarding IPPB and POSB

What is the difference between POSB and IPPB Accounts?

The main difference between POSB (Post Office Savings Bank) and IPPB (India Post Payments Bank) in the post office is their operational focus. In summary, while both POSB and IPPB are part of the postal system, POSB functions as a traditional savings bank within post offices, whereas IPPB is a dedicated payment bank that offers a wider range of banking and financial services.

Where to open an IPPB account?

To open an IPPB (India Post Payments Bank) account, you can visit any designated post office branch that offers IPPB services. IPPB accounts can be opened at select post offices across India. You can inquire at your local post office or check the official website of India Post for the list of post office branches where IPPB accounts can be opened.

Can I close the IPPB account online?

No, it is not possible to close an IPPB (India Post Payments Bank) account online. The account closure process for IPPB accounts typically requires visiting a designated Head IPPB branch in person and submitting a request for closure. However, it’s always recommended to check with the official website of India Post or contact the customer support of IPPB for the most up-to-date information on their account closure procedures

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