FAQ on DARPAN Android Application

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Frequently Asked Questions : DARPAN Android App

FAQ on DARPAN Android Application
FAQ on DARPAN Android Application

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1. Login not happening:
• Check Internet Connectivity and User credentials.
• Division SPOC to Check whether user is in active status in DARPAN user
management portal, if not change the status from inactive to active.
2. OTP not received:
• SIM network needs to be checked.
• Click on get OTP. If OTP not received after 2 minutes, try to regenerate the
OTP. Even after multiple attempts if OTP not received report to CEPT.
3. OTP verification failed
Close the application and login again.
4. Application not working / Malfunctioning / Blank screen appears / Buttons
not working / Page not loading.
• Check internet connectivity.
• Close the app and login again.
5. Password specification
a. Password must contain a minimum 8 characters.
b. Password must contain a combination of alpha, numeric and Special
c. One Number, One small letter, One Capital letter and One Special
BPM can enter only the following characters in the New Password / Confirm
Password text boxes of password reset page.
i. Lower case alphabets ( a-z)
ii. Upper case alphabets (A-Z)
iii. Number (0-9)
iv. Colon (:)
v. Forward Slash (/)
vi. Question Mark (?)
vii. AT symbol (@)
viii. Exclamation (!)
ix. Dollar ($)
x. Asterisk (*)
xi. Equal to (=)

6. Scanner is not working properly
Scanner option is available in settings. Before setting scanner in application, app
level permission has to be enabled. Then in app- click on three lines in top left corner
-settings-use-select the scanner type-accept.
Step 1 – Click on 3 horizontal bars on the left side top corner
Step 2 – Click on settings.
Step 3- Click on Use (ZXing scanner)
Step 4 – Select the scanner and accept
7. Virtual bag data not received
Perform bag open operation by scanning bag number manually and enter BO slip
number. User can scan article one by one or can do Data entry one by one.
Note: Every 30 minutes virtual data will be flown from CSI to device.
8. Token got expired
Close the app and then login again.
9. Receipt of Special Cash Remittance by BPM
An option “Special Remittance” is made available in app. It is a special case where
cash request can be raised from the DARPAN device at any point of time on the
same business day. BPM can enter the cash received directly by them in this option.
Step 1: Click on special remittance
Step 2: Select “Cash from AO” and Enter amount and submit.
10.Any error message or blank message on CBS and PLI transactions.
Reason: It might be connectivity issue in CBS and PLI.
Action: Wait for some time. Login again.
11.Difference in BO Wallet
Reason: Due to any of the transactions pending to sync with CBS and PLI Servers.
Action: Check all pending transactions and make sure that all the transactions are
updated in the server. Transaction updation can be done only after 5 minutes.
Note: If a transaction is pending, do not attempt same transaction until and unless
the transaction is cleared for the same account number.
12. Unable to perform High value withdrawal / cancellation of High value
Reason: BPM can request High value withdrawal for any account only once at a
time. If one request already exists another request for the same account is not
Action: Ask account office to take action against the pending High value request.
After clearing the pending request, BPM can perform another High value request
against the same account number.
Note: Multiple High value requests can be done simultaneously for different
13.VP Article Delivered , but article not fetching while VPMO booking.
Reason: The VP article might have been mistakenly received as a normal
registered article while manually opening the mail bag.
Action: Inform support team, CEPT. BPMs should exercise caution when receiving
VP articles while manually opening the mail bag.
14.COD amount not increased in the wallet amount after showing delivery of
Reason: COD might have been received as normal registered article while
opening bag manually.
Solution: Contact CEPT support team for resolution. BPM should be cautious when
receiving COD articles while opening Mail bag manually
15.IPPB Data entry and Data Entry
IPPB Data Entry – Before BODA generation IPPB data entry should be made.
Data Entry – Other transactions like Postage Due, application sales, Aadhaar
enrolment charges, CSC transactions, D Cube etc., which are being done at BO as
per local policy to be entered in the Data entry.
16.Day end is not happening.
Reason 1: Any CBS/PLI transactions are not updated or remains pending.
Action: Update the pending transactions using Transaction status option.
Refer: Sl.no 10 for screen shots.
Reason 2: Articles are pending for returns.
Action: Take returns of the pending articles
Reason 3 : IPPB data entry not performed.
Action : BPM to mandatorily perform IPPB data entry before trying Day end. If there
are no IPPB transactions, then zero value to be entered in IPPB data entry.
Reason 4 : VPMO not booked for VP delivered Articles.
Action : BPM to book the VPMO on same day of VP Article delivered by selecting
VPMO from the message code and the VP article number from the drop down menu
in EMO booking screen.
17.Error while performing CBS transactions – “Transaction date and Value date
and System date are not in sync”
Reason-1: EOD might have done in FINACLE by Account office.
Reason-2: DC Closure for the previous day might have not completed.
Action: Confirm with Account office.
18.Error while performing PLI transactions – “User doesn’t exists in system”
Reason: PLI-GDS mapping not done by Division.
Action: PLI-GDS mapping to be initiated in DARPAN user management Portal.
19.Procedure to withdraw through Aadhaar Authenticated Payment system
Whenever BPM initiated for SB withdrawal, system will automatically select the
default option as AAPS if POSB Account is linked with Aadhaar number. If the
Aadhaar details are not available for the account the mode will not be available/
enable in withdrawal screen.
For AAPS withdrawal, the fingerprint of the customer to be captured using the
Biometric device. Once the same is validated using the Aadhaar service, the
withdrawal is allowed.
20.SMS option for transactions:
When booking the transactions such as Registered Letter, Speed Post, Parcel,
EMO, and E-Biller, the user must enter the correct mobile number of the customer.
Once the transaction is completed, the user can click on the ‘Send SMS’ button.
Once the SMS is sent, the user will receive a successful message on device, and
the customer will receive the booking confirmation through SMS.

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Queries & Answer

How much time required for getting virtual data for opening BO BAGIn SOP it says every 30mins the data exchange happens between CSI and RSI.In most cases virtual data is not received
Darpan app not openingNetwork issue, issue will be resolved afterconnecting in good network
B.Os getting same user details in DARPAN appTry deleting DARPAN folders in MY FILES option of the user for whom the BO is showing wrongly and after deleting those DARPAN folders then restart the mobileand try again login
Wrong user credentialsReset password after reset go to change password put your user id and password:Darpan@123 Then change password as you chose then login Darpan app issue willbe resolved
BPM has not done any CSC Transactions but BODA shows XXXX/- csc transactionsBPM has entered CSC transactions amount in Data entry option.Data entry tool in Device is for, IPPB, Dcube, CSC transactions.
Location not set errorFor location issue Please try thisIn the Darpan app we need to click on the location symbol with flight mode and wifimode 3 to 4 times outside of the building…
OTP verified but exception occurredRestart device & try
PLI/RPLI transactions were successfully performed but the wallet balance was not raised.BPM had by mistake selected the cheque option instead of cash option. BPMs may be instructed to have caution while selectingthe option of payment.
If BPM has not generated BODA yesterday and done day end directly. Today he is unable to do the day begin and even BODA generation for yesterday.If you get this error, do the following…Go to – SettingsOff automatic date change optionChange date of (BODA not generated date)Login in app.Generate Boda ReportAnd again go to setting Change date setting as automatic. we can generate BODa up to 15 days
Those who don’t get location in delivery module in DARAPAN APP #UDAA➠ First open Google Maps on the phone and click Set Location Button ⎈ on the right side and adjust the location.➠ If the app crashes while clicking on this option in Google Maps, turn on Airplane Mode 🚀 on your mobile and try again.➠ In this way, go to the Settings of thephone and make sure Allow All The Time.
Unauthorization errorRestart device & try. Issue will be resolved,after same issue, clear app cache & data.
RD default fee showing ₹ 2 instead of ₹ 2.5If there is a fraction figure in the RD Default fee, the fraction amount is not coming inBODA report
High value withdrwal approved by account office prior to Darpan. 2.0. But now data not available for withdrawal.Cpc will cancel that old lien. Send mail Sir, if multiple High valve approved by SO,automaticaly goes in lien. Plz send mail CPCfor cancel.
COD amount not increased in the wallet amount after showing delivery of CODCOD might have been received as normal registered article while opening bag manually.Contact CEPT support team for resolution. BPM should be cautious when receivedCOD articles while opening bag manually.
How to book VPMOGo emo booking, in message select vpmoNext coloumn select vp number and
OTP not receivedFirst check device is connected to the internet.Check the correct employee id and password is entered.Fresh OTP is entered.Do not click multiple times for OTP if OTP is not received, give a break of 2 minutes. Then click again on get OTP.Clear Messages of message memory. Even after doing all these OTP not comingthen msg in this group. It will be solved.
High value wdl, approved by AO, BPM getting No Pending Requests errorFor high value withdrawal lien marked issue before DARPAN rolloutPlease Use EXCW menu Function Modify.. Enter account ID, Enter Request ID, Click Go..Action : Select ‘RA-Reject Approved’ Reject Reason : Select ‘Rejecting approved request’Use EXCW select Inquiry function, enter Account ID, then use searcher to know Request ID.A new request will have to be raised.Old requests will not flow to the new device
In case of Special Remittance after creating request in Darpan, Request is not appearing in AO/SAP. What is the estimated time for Request flow from Darpan to AO.Special remittance option in Darpan was designed to intimate the cash requirement of BO to SO alone.In present scenario the BPMs were intimating the cash requirement over phone or through device the same was viewed by SO under tcode ZFI_BOCR. SO would acknowledge this requirement and do the process as before in ZFFV50 andsend cash physically or in account/cash bag.


Darpan Android: Key Notes
While opening the bag, each article should be scanned or typed whether the virtual data has come or not. Articles sent from SO can be seen below if Virtual Data has arrived. Red color tick mark will come against each article according to scanning. On the same screen, under Product ID, select Received Stamp ID (this can be obtained from BO Slip), type the received number and click Add. The cash received from the SO should be entered in the AmountReceived field. Finally click Save.
Mobile number of Sender must be entered while booking anyArticles (RL, SPEED, PARCEL, EMO).
While booking Emo, any message must be selected
Bag Close Booked, Redirected, Returned Articles can be foundbelow. But it has to be scanned or typed one by one above.
Even if you forget to write the CBS Transaction ID, you can see it by looking at the Transaction Report. (Including Ref number of newaccounts)
No need to do anything on BPM phone to get Cash in Cash Bag from SO. The same procedure as was done earlier in the sub-office shouldbe followed.
If CBS/PLI transaction is not complete due to server issue;
In CBS, take Transaction Status option, select Transaction Type, Fetch and Update. Either Transaction Failed or Transaction Posted Successfully message will appear. If failed, do the same transaction. If successful, find the Transaction ID from the Daily TransactionReport and write it in the voucher.
If it is PLI/RPLI, select Transaction Type in Transaction Update option and give Fetch. Click on Fetch Status below. If it is successful, you will see the receipt number. In case of failure, do the same. You can see the receipt number even if you select the Print Duplicate optionin the Premium Collection option and type the policy number.
Before Day End select IPPB option in Utilities tab and type today’s Total IPPB Deposit Amount (IPPB, DLC, CELC etc) and Total IPPBWithdrawal Amount (IPPB, AEPS etc). Type O if there is no IPPB
transaction day. (This is mandatory)
Data Entry option is to enter CSC, Postage Due collected and UCR.
Make sure Wallet Balance and Cash in Hand are equal before Day End. Cash sent to SO should be entered in Generate BODA optionafter Day End.
PLI/RPLI Default fee is not shown separately but Total Amountincluding Default fee is shown to be collected.

Ticket creation process in HDMS for DARPANRelated Issues
The following workflow has been designed in the DARPAN HDMSPortal for raising tickets
1. Sub Office and Head Office will login to https://cept.gov.in/ with the user ID and Password used for logging into MIS portal.User name: Facility IDPassword (already shared to Division)
2. After login, the Sub Office/ Head Office to click on DARPAN link to raise the tickets on issues related to DARPAN ANDROID APPLICATION other than CBS, CSI, PLI, RPLI and IPPB.Issues related to CBS, CSI, PLI, RPLI to be raised in Service Desk.(http://servicedesk.indiapost.gov.in )
3. Click on “Add Ticket” to raise new ticket.
4. In the next screen, the subject and description of the issue to beentered.
5. Upon submitting, a complaint ID will be generated. This is to benoted for future reference.
Role of Divisional Office
Once the ticket is raised by Sub Office or Head Office, the ticket willnow be visible in Divisional login in the link “Pending tickets”.
Divisional office to click on “View and Reply” for each ticket. Basedon the issue, either Division can give a reply to the complaint andclose the ticket or assign the ticket to region for further resolution.
Regional Office can give a reply and close the ticket or if furtherresolution is required, the ticket can be assigned to Circle Office.
Role of Circle Office can give a reply and close the ticket or if furtherresolution is required, the ticket can be assigned to CEPT.

Darpan Android Tips UDAA
It is better to open the bag only after the arrival of virtual data on the day stamps are sent from SO. If the Virtual Data has arrived, the Stamps will be added to the Stock automatically when the Bag is opened (no need to select each stamp and enter the quantity). Do not try to open this bag again. If you try like that, Stamp’s stock willgo up double/triple.
If the Virtual Data has not come, select the ID of each stamp andenter the quantity.
Just look at the Inventory Reports to see the stamp balance. SelectProduct Sale option to make Sale.
Do not hit Liability Amount Fraction amount (Eg: 6500.50) whilegenerating BODA. Skip Fraction and beat.
Even in the case of virtual data, if the article number is typed instead of scanning through the camera, then when entering the VP/COD articles, the article type should be selected VPL/ VPP/ SP-COD/ BP- COD. Instead, if you select Normal Letter/Parcel/SP-Inland, Cash will not be entered in the software when the article is delivered.Scanning is preferred. The system picks up Article Type automatically while scanning. So make sure to scan and receive thearticles on the morning of the respective day.
Also only AMOUNT will be AUTO-POPULATE while booking VPMO. The address part will not appear. So BPMs To Address and FromAddress should be noted down.

Important Instructions
1. Before giving for OTP check the device has the internetconnection.
2. Check the office details and wallet amount in the Device.
3. Only Virtual Bag should be received and all the articles to bescanned and tick mark should appear then give confirm.
4. If in case Bag received manually BO slip entry will appear and properly select the type of article which is Letter/Speed/VPP/COD(special care should be taken while invoicing VP and COD)
5. Location not set issue solved.
6. No cancel or delete MESCOM transaction. So most care should begiven while doing E Biller transaction.
7. Don’t click twice thrice for one option again and again it will leadduplicate transactions.
8. Transaction update should be done for pending transaction both
9. High Attention should be given while doing PLI/RPLI Transaction.Select payment mode CASH don’t select cheque.
10. While giving delivery of VPP check the article type and confirm itis invoiced as VPP/VPL/COD
11. Don’t give Bulk delivery for VP and COD.
12. Click on Print if any transaction shows PRINT option.
13. Generate BODA and Check BODA CB and check wallet balance.
14. Compulsory give PRINT to BODA.
15. Don’t do any Manual adjustments by entering in Data Entry. nomanual adjustment like RICT device.
Kindly follow these instructions from tomorrow so that there will beless errors.

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