How to apply IPPB ATM Card?

Learn how to easily apply for an IPPB ATM card hassle-free. Follow our step-by-step guide for a smooth application process and enjoy convenient banking services with India Post Payments Bank. Get started today!

Process: How to download IPPB ATM CARD?

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Process: How to download IPPB ATM CARD?
Process: How to download IPPB ATM CARD?

Discover the step-by-step guide on how to download your IPPB ATM CARD hassle-free. Follow our process for quick and easy access to your IPPB ATM card today!

Step 1: Download IPPB Mobile Banking App

First, download the IPPB Mobile Banking Application by India Post Payments Bank from the Play Store to obtain your IPPB ATM card online.

Step 2: Register on IPPB Mobile Banking App

You must use your IPPB Account Number, IPPB Customer ID, date of birth, and registered phone number to register for access to the India Post Payments Bank mobile application.

Don’t remember your IPPB Customer ID? Don’t worry, follow our expert guide on how to easily find your IPPB Customer ID.

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Step 3: Go To My Services & Click On Rupay Debit Card

After opening the IPPB mobile application, scroll down to the “My Services” tab and click on “RuPay Debit Card“. Then, accept the terms and conditions to apply for the IPPB Virtual ATM card. Upon accepting the T&C, Rs 25 (inclusive of GST) will be deducted as the IPPB ATM card issuance fee. For detailed information about IPPB ATM card charges, you can refer to the chart provided below.

IPPB ATM Card Charges & Limit

Daily purchase limit (e-commerce)Rs. 5,000 Max Per Card
Issuance chargesRs 25 (inclusive of GST)
Transaction charges (e-commerce)NIL
Reissuance chargesRs 25 (inclusive of GST)
Annual Maintenance ChargesRs 25 (inclusive of GST)
Blocking/ Unblocking chargesNIL

Step 4: Download IPPB ATM Card Photo

Now you have successfully generated your virtual IPPB ATM card online. To download the IPPB ATM Card, you can simply take a screenshot after clicking on “view card details.”


How can I get ATM card in IPPB?

You can get an IPPB ATM card, also called a RuPay Virtual Debit Card, by using the IPPB mobile app. Here’s how:
Download the IPPB mobile app
Select RuPay Debit Card
Click Virtual Debit Card